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The Garden

For many years, the design of our garden has been one of our priorities. When we bought the house, the garden was an abandoned wasteland of gravel. Little by little, we have transformed it, planted flowers and designed it to meet our hearts’ desire!


We started by planting rows of hedges to create private areas. We created an orchard and a vegetable garden, in which we grow lettuces and vegetables. It is one of our great pleasures... and the slugs love it too..


We have recently modified our vegetable garden as we were very motivated to produce what we eat. We have therefore started to build permaculture mounds not only to have a more productive soil but also to increase our planting surface.

Its look has changed; it is ticker and wilder…but we love it! Furthermore, the production has increased…what more could we ask?


The Bed & Breakfast has its own private space in the garden, with its comfortable Butterfly chairs, cushions large and small and an outdoor rug for napping or sunbathing - depending on the weather or your wishes...


A terrace is also established close to the house - with sun sails during summer time - and on which you can enjoy a breakfast, maybe served with a few strawberries or raspberries picked up directly from the garden.


A table soccer is available in the greenhouse for your greatest pleasure.

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