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our loved ones, family and friends are great  

Our son, Nicolas da Silva Lucas,  a young talentend architect  and photographer

Anne-Catherine' sister Marie-Sophie Deglume, contemplative photographs

Les encadrements d' Anne Lebizay , Une professionnelle passionnée au service de vos oeuvres d'art                  


Anne Breuer   Hatha Yoga tempt you ? Anne accompanies you on this way.

Les Eydieux, the Marie-Claire & Cyr' guesthouse , for a moment of rest 

Crazy of decoration, always on the lookout,  Véronique & Christophe, and their shops ADDC of Wavre & Namur              

Christophe Maltaite  antique ironwork and greenhouses ... superb !

Writer and columnist acerb, the writings ofThierry De Greef desserve attention ...

Tango in your life ? ...Learn to dance with a specialist Eugenia Ramirez​  ... and Tango Club Nosotros !

 Vincent Lacroix


illustrator, graphic designer, comic book writer

... a few places that we particularly appreciate 

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